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anne14score:3.3 / 52018-10-11

Is the room small! room started at the front desk gave me a deformity, I ask for, front desk staff very helpful change! nice!
vivigungunscore:4.5 / 52018-10-05

Hotel floors are too low depressed! hotels too soft bed one night feeling a mosquito or flea bite! uncomfortable all night
Owen0920score:3.3 / 52018-10-04

Also, Center of the city, is also convenient
L1099850588score:4.5 / 52018-09-29

Hotel location is very good, to go around eating are very convenient, service attitude is good. rooms are fully equipped, with free complimentary breakfast choices are pretty much. but the General overall feel of the room because occupancy family rooms, room, is next to the school, a little more noise. generally speaking, family travel a good choice.
anyajinscore:4.0 / 52018-09-02

Hotel is located in the city centre, convenient for tourist buses, chunxi road in close proximity, about half an hour away from the shuangliu Airport (no traffic jams), breakfast variety and tastes good, is the highlight of the hotel.
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