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Mappa dell'hotel

Mappa dell'hotel
Leiton Hotel (Chunxi store, Chengdu) (Leeden Hotel (Chunxi) Chengdu), L'hotel è situato nella prima sezione di Hongxing Road, vicino alla Metro Line 3 e linea 4, la seconda stazione dell'ospedale della città. Ci sono molte linee di autobus intorno all'hotel per i famosi punti panoramici come Wenshufang, Wuhou Temple, Jinli, kuanzachaxiangzi e Dufu cottage thatched.L'hotel è circa cinque minuti a piedi per Sichuan TV Tower e 339 centro commerciale, ed è anche circa cinque minuti a piedi per Chunxi Road, IFS centro commerciale internazionale e Yuanyang taiguli.
L'Hotel integra l'alloggio, la ristorazione e la conferenza, fornisce la prima colazione cinese e occidentale, parcheggio sotterraneo, la copertura completa WiFi, la bevanda minibar (5 tipi e 6 bottiglie in tutto) nella stanza, quilt di riserva e cuscino di grano saraceno, la carta bus libera e la mappa panoramica del percorso e il tesoro di ricarica condiviso nella reception, auto condivisa nel parcheggio garage, palestra e auto-pulizia nel quarto pianoL'hotel ha una sala conferenze multifunzionale che può fornire servizi perfetti per persone di 100-200, e può organizzare diversi incontri d'affari, rapporti di discorso e seminari.
Ci sono ristoranti in stile Cantonese e Hong Kong, lussuose camere private cinesi, autentica cucina Sichuan e chef famosi Cantonese e Hong Kong che sono responsabili di snack unici cantonesi e Hong Kong.Che si tratti di un viaggio d'affari, di una cena di conferenza o di una festa di compleanno, si può rendere gli ospiti e l'ospite felice quando si incontrano qui.
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Recensioni Ancora
  • dan1123dan
    Convenient, comfortable
  • e03290390
    Direct is a cheating
  • e00208859
    Accessibility, facilities, excellent service, breakfast: 1:
  • Anne20121212
    And we think it's great
  • dadapengpeng
    Great location better, live more comfortably, the only downside is digging around, some noise, near food shops is relatively simple ... but overall, not bad, especially the breakfast was good
  • gjian
    Yes, location perfect.
  • beibei_89
    Very good hotel, next time go back
  • d03143037
    Which is very nice.
  • anne14
    Is the room small! room started at the front desk gave me a deformity, I ask for, front desk staff very helpful change! nice!
  • vivigungun
    Hotel floors are too low depressed! hotels too soft bed one night feeling a mosquito or flea bite! uncomfortable all night
  • Owen0920
    Also, Center of the city, is also convenient
  • L1099850588
    Hotel location is very good, to go around eating are very convenient, service attitude is good. rooms are fully equipped, with free complimentary breakfast choices are pretty much. but the General overall feel of the room because occupancy family rooms, room, is next to the school, a little more noise. generally speaking, family travel a good choice.
  • anyajin
    Hotel is located in the city centre, convenient for tourist buses, chunxi road in close proximity, about half an hour away from the shuangliu Airport (no traffic jams), breakfast variety and tastes good, is the highlight of the hotel.
  • peaony
    OK, location, good breakfast, large
  • todaysmiling
    Is the first choice for business travel, high cost performance. good location, convenient. particularly praiseworthy is his family's breakfast is indeed the hotel under the management of the Hong Kong team, variety, and good taste. as the early flights are excellent value package.
  • e00834381
    Good location, clean clean, overall nice
  • Fiona456
    Near downtown and convenient transportation, service attitude is good.
  • melleo
    That's good!
  • CosmoYuan
    Location is good, rooms are clean, whether services, facilities were very good. Nice, recommend. live very comfortable, chunxi road close to catch a taxi at about 10 dollars, most notably cost-effective ultra-high, highly recommended-
  • antifee
    Chengdu hotel service, very good software as its core competitiveness. Breakfast was great, and if the trip early, you can set the road for customers early. Enthusiasm, warmth, considered for travelers, reflected in many details, we appreciate the good service at the Leighton, to live at a time is recommended.
  • e02814476
    Simply test to select here ... ... Nightstand before had left the toilet paper and water bottles, toilet seats and imprint did not clean, air conditioning, just to be heated, 2 no one was calling to, winter will freeze to death
  • Jascor
    Convenient, clean and comfortable, cost-effective, beverage drink, very satisfied.
  • wudongying522
    Good location to attractions, taxis are very cheap, health is very good, staff are particularly good, recommend it is worth staying
  • wuting520
    Second stay at this hotel, very nice, comfortable, very intimate!
  • ccxxx88888
    Great, front desk staff was very good, which is by the roadside, a little noise at night.
  • dd449429396
    Because go have urgent so no family room has live of big bed room added a small bed ceremony meal of service and breakfast also is didn't said last year to Chengdu is live in this this to still select here only not too satisfaction of is added of small bed somewhat small and bed special not comfortable yihou also is to earlier set don't added bed has again to also will to here of environment this pro road has little noisy anyway also line not effect
  • N sky was clear
    Very good, satisfactory, drink lots of cold drinks in the fridge just
  • linling3789
    Quite good hotel
  • air967
  • oneway
    Good hotel service with free drinks and some snacks to afford the prices unless you are sizing, rooms are small, it is well
  • duduwabaobei
    Room service is also good
  • bbccddee
    Good attitude or a very good room good mood
  • e00122250
    Go to Chengdu will choose Leighton, free parking and a complimentary breakfast, room was very clean. it is worth recommending.
  • jli900819
    Chunxi road close to walk more than 10 minutes to. hotel breakfast buffet is very good, styles ... anyway this is comfortable to live, eat, and good.
  • e00135514
    Probably Chengdu in repair Metro of relationship Hotel door also in construction appearance looks old old of but I think inside facilities also is fine of set of family room daily hotel of beverage are is free of also will sent points small snacks bathroom is big also has a specifically dressing of place but on is sleep of place somewhat small clean what are do of is good lots words to chunxi road compared near go past probably 20 minutes Hotel away from three brother snail is near monju hospital thatEdge about half an hour or so still is very satisfied with the
  • sundybjfu
    Poor rubbish
  • wgbcn
    Small room, good location!
  • songec
    Very nice hotel, service very good, will stay again!
  • wenwen2268
    Good hotels next to choose! nice
  • e00027506
    Still relatively warm, is the room is a bit small
  • apricot_911
    Travel hotel will live! very nice! old customer
  • nordance
    Second, as in the past good health, good service, free drinks, breakfast is rich. have the opportunity to live again.
  • R54170
    A very good environment
  • icecream0907
    Cost-effective, not far from chunxi road, hotel produced good, breakfast very good, room was large, free drinks, excellent service!
  • jinser
    Which is very nice
  • Clover
    You can recommend
  • anny.yang
    In hotel set has two a room type, family room and business suite, Business Suite in floors head of location, next to elevator, night some noisy. room facilities good, but as the some people comments of, towel compared old. hotel breakfast good, varieties more. say said hotel location, hotel in downtown by North of location, to city of attractions are not is far, but if to Emei, Leshan, huanglongxi town these South of attractions on means with to wear city and had, met sooner or later peak spent ShiMore. no parking in front of hotel, in the underground, higher charges.
  • Sonic
    High performance-price ratio
  • aijun555
    Second, always good! neither the environment nor the service!
  • lyj735
    Is already the second time stay, rooms or sends them out to a few days in advance booking. good location, walk to chunxi road for more than 10 minutes. There is free parking, restaurant breakfasts were very good, will stay again.