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The Leeden Hotel Chengdu (Lidun Jiudian) is located downtown in the Chunxi Road commercial area and is a 10-minute drive from Chengdu North Railway Station.
Rooms in this hotel offer city views and standard amenities.
Meeting rooms are available within the hotel and can seat 15 to 150 people.
A Chinese restaurant is located on-site which features private dining rooms and specializes...[View Detail]

住客评论 1586条评论     4.5分/5分 更多
  • IceFrog
    From the friend's house near
  • gagle
    Businessman less around the hotel, but the bus, very convenient, hotel good service, very good kitchen, online booking can offer bigger and better
  • gf0307
    Multiple occupancy, traffic convenient, but poor facilities at the hotel.
  • E NET love 888
    All very good, stayed here for six nights this time. great location, first-class facilities, health-class, first-class service. breakfast very good, room prices are relatively low.
  • guoguo428
    Hotel was very quiet and very comfortable and breakfast was very rich Leighton kitchen dishes around the burn was good the room was packed every day is convenient in traffic
  • c791322304
    Good location, convenient travel!
  • bl8968
    Generally good
  • aimes
    Good location, parking, breakfast is rich
  • clcole
    Hotel dry cleaning laundry clothes
  • bobo8729
    A little oversimplified, others are great?, later also designated lives here.
  • alamile
    Well, is that taxi drivers don't know, parking is not too good to stop, room is small, clean, drinks are free to drink, breakfast variety
  • gracelisy
    In General can still
  • lujiac
    Location in a bridge following of crossroads, taxi to new South door station 10 block money, width alley 13, are is convenient of, hotel also help called car. service attitude is good, breakfast special rod, daily also has five species beverage free drink, service attitude also is good. except room slightly small, other facilities are good, bath water is big, distribution of wash supplies and toilet paper these small details are is good. next also to live!
  • cmdtc
    Pit. room with a window, window cannot be open.
  • abcdefi
    Help colleagues, and specific circumstances I do not know, but the response also nice
  • Namuci
    The room's too small, no place an open suitcase to put, you can imagine how small the rooms!
  • MY360
    Convenient, close to chunxi road. hotel room refrigerator arbitrary drink drinks at no extra charge.
  • npu415
    Simple yet sweet ~ ~ naozhongqujing hotels, convenient
  • lessir
    Hotel is very good, the traffic is very convenient, warm service, complimentary drinks, the price is not too high, can be accepted. edges are on the road or something a bit noisy, but good hotel with double glazed Windows, close the window wasn't that noisy.
  • aissac
    OK, it is not the network soon! good location, room basic booked!
  • jolie1170
    Room was very clean and are cleaned every day, drinks are free to drink. we stayed away from the room, than away from the bed, but there is a lose lose, away from the big bed room is 1.5 meters bed remind scheduled time to clear. the hotel is on the first floor a kitchen, breakfast was really Bang Bang da ~
  • e00094671
    Third time stay, very good
  • genggl1976
    Don't want to say much.
  • icesor
    The hotel breakfast was very good, Chinese and Western, location very close to IFS too the Inguri, chunxi road, walk about 15 minutes, the drinks free drink in the room, hotel very clean.
  • a038129
  • junemano
    Lovely hotel, refrigerator Yin all free of charge, you are great!
  • allen0203
    Location is convenient to eat convenience
  • love_tmat
    Nice, very nice
  • coollon
    In addition to temperature no other good
  • leegu20081018
    Hotel is located in downtown, is easy find, away from chunxi road compared near, go 15 minutes on to. Although in a crossroads Shang, vehicles cannot North-South straight line, but if not mind around little road words, also is compared easy taxi of, and Xia a junction also has taxi docked station. room facilities great, highlights is; hotel of breakfast compared rich, taste is good; room in all of beverage free, night also has small food; clean service personnel clean is seriously,
  • alclsro
    Nice will stay
  • leedan13
    The service in this hotel was very good, rooms at the upstairs window the night before renovation, open air conditioning smell vaguely smell of paint, complain to the front desk, the Engineering Department right away, see the usual management is in place, like one. seven free drinks bottle, I'd rather put the price down a little bit, not with so much free drink.
  • florawang
    Around has a viaduct, near estimated is gear market, basic are is such of shops! location distance chunxi road, I think need 20 minutes walk, no imagine in the near! taxi to attractions not far, away from airport taxi probably also in 56 around! select staying is because Suzhou travel always live ceremony meal, so select Chengdu staying! self breakfast varieties also can of, recommended HA! for not eat spicy of I, hotel of Chinese obviously and I meaning, taste compared partial Cantonese, tasteLight! there is a hot pot restaurant nearby Pier story is worth a visit
  • fandong84
    Which is very nice
  • liuyvonne070503
    Good location, chunxi road walk more than 10 minutes. most praise is great, variety, choice, it was wonderful, happy kids eat?
  • yiwang159
    OK, a bit old.
  • binen55
    Facilities, but older, quilts, towels, wash very clean, had a strange taste; every time sleep wake up and feel my hair clean, pillows should be changed. this service and 400 housing prices and that the
  • i_blog
  • osuno
    Breakfast is very good, there are free drinks in the fridge. satisfied. but less power jack, electric charge is not convenient
  • goommi
    Well not professional hotel staff service very convenient breakfast delicious.
  • seasonxiao
    Overall very good breakfast very good health to chunxi road walk 20 minutes to the WIFI is not too good
  • JessyMyBaby
    Good! often stay
  • imaggineing
    Free drink 7 bottles daily, but the old towel
  • dj2512
    Hotel facilities is complete room has safe refrigerator, refrigerator inside provides a four or five species beverage and room in of mineral water are is free provides of staying during occurred has Black Dragon event is I himself of reasons put safe password to forget has to front desk find a staff, is is responsible for, is formal, several sector of people to complete has in front of I of surface help I open has safe, hotel of breakfast is rich! more than 20 more species? hotel of restaurant of dish products also is delicious! next to intoAlso choose this! location can also, on chunxi road, and go two stops to eat to Koji sister bunch! this queued so a Tun, then
  • covergirl
    Entrance road, the car cannot be stopped ... but good hotel facilities and services in the early.
  • Spring0705
    Hotel location good although not in commercial street but distance chunxi road, also on 10 minutes car drive taxi also compared convenient only is location in junction parking not convenient room size facilities what also good clean clean comfortable only is is noise effect slightly poor next door if met make is of will by effect worth a mention of is hotel breakfast is good type rich taste also good and from 6.30 supply to 10 points
  • e05235980
    What equipment complete WiFi good ~ ~
  • begaleagle
    So so
  • e00598662
    Hotel convenience, take a taxi to the airport for 45 minutes, don't block 30 minutes to. Sichuan specialty shopping mall opposite the hotel there is a big, cross the road, convenient products to buy ... not far from the narrow alleys, a taxi around 14. I took a day trip, travel to the entrance to the hotel in the morning.
  • lyl21cn
    Good breakfast, small room we recommend staying.